Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fishing in the toilet

Yesterday I made it home 20 minutes earlier then I normally do and took that opportunity to visit my sister who just got out of surgery before going to my first day of Statistics and Probability class. I made a quick stop by Walgreens and picked up some magazines for her.

Man, it was heart breaking to see how much pain she was in and how pale she was. You can tell when her daughters would come in that she would try to tuff it out a little, but I know her way too well. Her hubby helped her sit up and let me take over while I assisted her to go pee. It was quite comical! I helped her pull down her pants and her hospital undies. For those who have never had to wear them or even see them, they are these full covered, white, fish net panties. As I sit her down, I accidentally step on her toe, but once I removed my foot from on top of hers and sat her down she asks where her pad went. The hospital had gave her one just in case she bled. I patted down her leg thinking it fell down one of the legs, but nope. I search the floor and nothing! Mind you it hurts her to laugh and talk, so she tried to be as serious as possible when she mumbles that she thinks it fell in the toilet. Shame had left the building a long time ago as I look from behind to see if it was there and sure enough it was! I told her to sit tight and I was going to pull it out and she mumbles sternly that she will. She actual thought I was going to put my bare hand in the toilet water. But I told her my plan was to get it out with a plastic grocery bag, the way you would pick up dog poop. After the pad extraction, she tried to do her business but was having a shy bladder moment or was afraid that it might hurt. I didn't know what to do, so I just turned on the water (cuz I hear that helps) and played with my niece's dinosaur shower toys until my sister was done peeing.

I got her situated in bed, go her some med and was on a hunt for a heating pad, but no luck. Luckly I live only a few blocks away from home, so got one and was off to class. Talk about a productive 20 minutes!


Anonymous said...

That was a productive 20 mons! LOL! It is hard seeing her like that. It was really hard at the hospital! She was very pale. Poor Sharon! So... Fri the 13th you go in for a check up and more info about the surgery right?

Vanessa said...

It is sad to see her is so much pain and can do anything to take it away!

Tomorrow I see the Endocrinologist (Thyroid specialist) to have my questions answered and to ensure that I am healthy to have surgery and yup, next Friday I see the surgeon. Hopefully, I will have a surgery daye and recovery time.