Thursday, June 18, 2009

Seeing double

Monday night I met up Natalie at the Brea Mall to hang-out and shop for a Father’s Day gift. Originally we were going to eat at Nordstrom café, but it was closed. We seem to always end up at CPK and so to go along with tradition we dined there again. I had totally forgotten we went there after both our surgeries last year until she reminded me. Natalie had knee surgery and was dying to get out of the house and I was just given the OK from the doctor to drive again and here we are almost a year later. Crazy how fast time flies.

I met Natalie in front of Nordstrom where she was talking with a guy. It was her cousin who was selling some all natural creams and lotions in a middle cart. He was a riot as he went through his script while we exfoliated our skin and saw the dirty water afterwards of our dead skin and toxins. Our hands left so smooth afterwards and he even gave us complimentary scrubs to take home. What a nice guy!!

So we hit the mall for gifts ideas and then headed to CPK. But before we went in Natalie treated us to some smoothies. I had a java, peanut butter, banana smoothie and the girl taking our order kept asking me “are you sure you want it like that?” … “it sounds weird” … “if you don’t like it, I’ll make you another one.” She wanted me to try it at the station to make sure I like it and she looked some what grossed out when I tasted it, but hey it I liked it.

For dinner we both tried something different then the regular. I tried the Kung Pao Spaghetti with classic Kung Pao sauce with garlic, green onions, peanuts, chicken and red chilies and Natalie the Four Cheese Ravioli. YUM!

So tonight starts an early celebration of her b-day. She is having a bon fire and I'm bring the s'more stuff.

p/s. Not sure what's happening BUT... do you notice the time I am blogging? Yup, it's in the day and I am doing it from work AND see other blogs AND see photos on Cindy's blog. IT must have taken the restriction off.


cindy said...

now don't be clicking weird stuff to get yourself blocked out again! :)

I don't know what's so gross about the java/peanut butter/banana. It sounds like the Peanut Butter Moo'd that Jamba Juice has that I used to get all the time (before I realized how many calories are in it).

Jane Doe said...

Hey, same here. I justed to get it every weekend as a breakfast treat and then I was just looking as the nutrional book when waiting for my drink and almost had a mini <3 attachk when I saw it was in the 600's (ish)

cindy said...

that's exactly how *I* saw the calories, too! They shouldn't take so long making smoothies if they want to keep their customers. haha!