Friday, June 26, 2009

It’s a small world

In the town we just moved out of is were I did most of my growing up. All my elementary schools, Jr. High, high school and one of the junior colleges I attended are there. Everywhere I go I bump into my family, old friends and acquaintances. I didn’t think that would happen 26 miles away where we now live, but it’s a small world.

I hit the gym last night for day 2 of my half marathon training and I heard my name being called. It was from a familiar looking guy on the elliptical but I couldn’t put a face with a name. I apologized to the guy and I told him he looked familiar but I didn’t 100% recall him. Of course he took the opportunity to tell me we dated before. My mind scrambled through the old memory box and no recollection. Great. He said he was joking and I used to work with his wife and we met at the Christmas party. We talked a little a then went back to our workouts. They live up the street from the gym.

Then I hit the treadmill and I couldn’t help but wonder how the lady next to me could read a novel while on the treadmill. I saw her glance up at me a few times and I was in mid stride when I heard “Vanessa?” over my iPod. I look over to see my old boss! I was really good friends with her daughter and would go to family functions all the time. Once all three of us stop working together and moved further and further apart, we just lost touch. She too lives not too far from this gym.

What makes the whole thing even stranger is the guy’s wife that I bumped into earlier worked with me and the same boss I bumped into. Now we all live within 3 miles of each other.


Anonymous said...

That's cool you ran into them. I thought when the guy said you dated was kind of a cute joke.

Flowtriss said...

lol! it is a small world! ;)

Jane Doe said...

Flat Coke: It was semi-cool to bump into everyone. I didn't get along with his wife, I had to cover for her a lot because she would take two hour lunches and leave work all the time and she was getting new couches and thought since she gave me her old ones that i owed her something. I don't get people! It must have slipped her husband's mind. But I was extremely excited to see my old boss. She was a good boss and I had fun working under her. She was one of those bosses that want to help you expand your wings.

Flowtriss: Remember where ever we went, we ALWAYS passed an old friend. I still see Makiki running when I see Sharon or Mom and just saw my old landlord's son last nite.