Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It crepted up on me...

Father's Day was great. Jay got a head start on the celebration as Jayla greeted him Saturday with a big hug and these words "we took pictures today!," "we wrapped them... they are in the room" I had taken Jayla to take some Father's Day photos earlier that day and was grateful that I didn't take her the week before as planned, because the beans would've been spilled long before.

The next morning I made caramelized french toast, freshly squeezed OJ, egg whites and turkey bacon to continue the celebration. Shortly after I dropped Jay of to get an hour and half massage. We ate Thai for lunch and made a trip to the beach so I could drop some flowers off to my Dad. Then had a great dinner at Red Robin. It was a really nice day.

I must have written today's date down a million time and it just didn't occur to me. When I got an email (granted it was in Spanish) from my uncle yesterday saying he was doing a mass in my Dad's name today, it still didn't sink in. My oldest sister sent an email to all of us expressing some words about our Dad. Then I was chatting online with my littlest sister and she was asking if I was going to go to the beach. How could I possibly forget that it's been 3 years anniversary of him passing away??? Wow... my eyes watered and I felt the wind get sucked out of me. Of course, it would hit me while I am at work. Luckily, no one passed because I am sure I was stiff and looked emotional. I had plans to go work out after work and made an additional plan to stop by the beach. Father's Day, the day he passed away and his birthday are all within 4 weeks of each other, so I could see how it could slip my mind. Maybe that would explain my emotional state this past week.


cindy said...

No worries, I think you feel his love and presence around you all the time, and that's why you're not keen on the anniversary of his passing on.

Vanessa said...

Thanks for the hugs!!! True... very true :)