Friday, June 19, 2009


It's been about a week since I came home to this. It's a huge ditch that the plumbers needed to dig up to replace our front plumbing pipes. The culprit was a leak that attracted near by tree roots to come an invade the continues feed of water. The end result was cracked pipes and a big healthy tree. They did all that for only $1500K. Not bad.

Our front lawn was not kept up by the previous owners and the clay mixed dirt was hard as a rock, so the plumbers had to rent this bad boy and didn't charge us.

After the plumbers finished up the job, we had someone come out for another quote.
See this Juniper tree?

And see this Mulberry tree? (The culprit of most of the roots in our pipes.)

And this Mulberry outside Jayla's room that she swears something is on it?

And this other Mulberry on the side of our house?

Well, the "x" on them means they went bye-bye. I felt bad and flash backs of Ferngully: The Last Rain forest movie came back to me and I felt a little guilty for having them cut down. But hey? Mulberry's roots can grown under your foundation and crack it. No bueno. The roots in the front were farther then 10 feet away the tree and some were headed towards our foundation and had already attacked pipes. I still feel a little bad, tho.
Afterwards, they came to grin the roots. And of course I had to take pix from my kitchen window.

To grin 6 tree stumps, remove and grin some side bushes, cut down 4 trees, clean-up and remove the trash was only $1500. Not bad.
Our house is coming along. Now we need a landscaper to come out.


cindy said...

The mulberry tree in the front yard was lovely. But the one outside Jayla's window? Creepy! I would've thought something was going to attack me from there, too!

Thanks for the "before" and "during" pictures, can't wait for the "after" ones!

Jane Doe said...

I thought it was lovely too and provided nice shade, but once I saw the roots lifting our walk way and heard that it's roots were in our pipes, it was eazy to put that all aside and cut it down.

The tree outside Jayla's rom had a bad trim job to say the least. Outside is all dirt now, so that's the reason for no real after pix. I guess I can post one of the inbetween stage. We need some need sprinklers and some green grass to make the job complete.

cindy said...

It's your things a little at a time at the pace you're comfortable with, no need to rush. :) Some people work on their houses for decades because that's how long it takes to find just the right contractors, designs, and ideas.

Jane Doe said...

That is very true. But we are up against a mountain range and it gets windy, so I wanted to get greass so dirt doesn't keep wondering into our house. When I swee, I am so shocked at the dust and dirt on the ground. But slowly the house is coming along. It's so great having our own place!

cindy said...

Yup, naked backyard lounging. (Oh, is that only my husband?)