Friday, June 19, 2009

Early B-day celebration

Last nite I meant up with Natalie and her friends for day 2 of her b-day celebration. The girl went to Disneyland yesterday, bon fire today, dinner next week and then Vegas. Talk about a party!
I got there right after sun set and some many people I didn't know where excited to see me. Only because I had the s'more supplies. Haha! For the most part everyone was social, funny and having a good time. Except for this girl that was drunk, laying on the blanket with her guy making out, holding hands with another guy, getting massages. Awkward! We the life guards came to tell us the beach was now closed she literally had a guy on top of her. Natalie has only met the girl once before briefly.

Anywho, it didn't rain on our parade. We joked around the fire pit, had a shot or Patron (or two), snacked on junk food and enjoyed each other's company. It was a nice night! Happy early birthday Natalie!!!

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