Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last nite…

Yesterday I was reminded that it was my Dad’s 3rd year anniversary of when he met our maker. Before realizing this I was already tense. I had been working through my lunch the last two days, work was overly hectic because we are technically “shut down” next week and people are in a made dash to get things done, plus Jay and I are having issues with our previous landlord about the security deposit (I'll post about that later). It wasn’t like the world was crashing down on me, but I did feel like my chest was tight and I couldn’t get a lung full of oxygen to save my life.

But I started to unwind when after work I made it to the beach to visit my Dad. I went to a Laguna Beach spot called Shaw’s cove. It was a beach near the location of where we scattered Dad’s ashes and a beach that we had gone scuba diving many times. I must have stayed there for an hour and half or maybe even two just looking out at the ocean, it's waves and the people enjoying each other.

Funny moment that broke the ice for the night: My phone rang and I thought it was my landlord’s wife calling me again to discuss our deposit and was relieved that it wasn’t. It was Jayla’s mom wanting to see if Jayla was near by to talk to her. Both Jay and I have horrible reception at our new house, no landline and since my cell phone has a little better reception she called me. I told her I was at the beach and Jayla wasn’t with me and instantly I thought “oh crap, I don’t want her to think that I am out her having a good time and excluding Jayla” (not that she would), so I spill the beans that I am there because it’s my Dad's 3rd year anniversary and totally don’t mention why I told her. She felt bad and I changed the subject and only after I hung up did I realized I should’ve maybe explained myself a little more clearly. I guess you can add that to my blooper moment.

Afterward I made it to our local 24 Hour Fitness Express. It was my first time to an Express gym and it was TINY! Normally there are locker rooms but this one just had a single changing room. Nonetheless, I started my official running training for my ½ marathon in October. Check it out! My oldest sis is doing it with me and maybe... just maybe... Cindy will be joining as well. *cough* No pressure Cindy :)


cindy said...

Ya know, I'd held off signing up for anything physical toward the latter half of the year because in the back of my mind I'd thought that maybe, just MAYBE, I may be pregnant. But it appears that the pregnancy vibes I was getting was everyone else's pregnancy and not mine. Pregnant and newly-parented friends and relatives abound right now!

I'm not sure if I'm up for a half. I'd do a 5 or 10K anytime.

Vanessa said...

Well, don't throw any of those vibes in this direction.

You would look cute with a little bundle of joy :) If only we were rich and could have a nanny to take care of them when they were fussy.

No pressure on the 1/25 marathon. I know it's a big commitment...BUT if you change your mind or want to surprise me then by all means go ahead. Think about it as training for the full b-day marathon in a year and a half.

Anonymous said...

I'm so hoping Cindy does this. She could probably run it right now with no training!!

Jane Doe said...

Who you tell?!?! She probably could especially since the last 1/2 marathon she did she barely trained for and had excellent time.