Friday, July 15, 2011

Yup, I'm bragging...

...cuz I am proud of myself! I'm taking calculus over the summer at a local junior college because my school requires that I take the prior prerequisites within the last 3 quarters. They offered me entrance into college algebra (which I have already taken), but I didn't want to push back graduating any more then I already have to. Plus, who wants to take more math then they need to? Unless you love it or are majoring it, most people try to avoid it.

Calculus is challenging. It's a 6 week course that covers 7 chapters and a test every week. The very first week we covered 2 chapters and about 200 pages of material and on the first test I got a D. I was feel discouraged and contemplated dropping the course. I didn't want to spend waste my summer taking a class that I would have to take again. Then came test #2. Luckily it was just on one chapter, however, I studied and studied and just wasn't getting it. I texted Jay the day of the test after studying for about 4 hours and told him I was planning on dropping the class. I didn't tho. I took the test and just hoped for a passing score and I improved a little from the first test with a C grade.

And then... test #3 and #4.. TAH DAH!!!!
This coming week I have a final that will cover 2 chapters of new material and on stuff I was tested on before. Wish me luck! After next Thursday summer will officially begin for me.

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Vanessa said...

Got a B in the class. YEAH BUDDY... I am ESTACTIC!!!