Saturday, July 2, 2011

Maddy's 3rd birthday

I was going to post and realized I had all these old post saved under draft mode. Oops! So I guess, I should go back and officially them! Seeing how this party was back in what May????
Our goddaughter is growing up! It amazes me how much she has developed in the last year. She is speaking full sentences and loves to share. Her party was Tangled themed and Santa made cupcakes that had Rapunzel and Pascal. They must've taken forever! It was super cute!! And the cake with a coffee and nut middle was so yummy! Nowadays the groom is having a grooms cake, well I want my very one cake too and I want it to be white with that filling. I know I am greedy, but if you had it, you would be thinking the same thing.
Any who... back to the celebration! Do you see Jayla up in front? She is getting so tall.
Naturally, I am ALWAYS trying to get a shot of Jay and I. I was some what successful but this won't be a candidate for our xmas card.
One little one that is NOT camera shy, is my niece Lizzy. She was watching a friend's soccer team and was just down the street so stopped by to take part of the party.
And can you believe she broke the pinata...YAY! Go Lizzy!!
It was a fun time! Happy Birthday Maddy!!

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