Sunday, July 10, 2011

Completing a month of training

Time to celebrate that month! WOOHOO!!!! A part of me didn't want to post this week because I really enjoy logging onto my blog and seeing the picture of Beyonce. It was VERY motivating. I want those abs!!! Nonetheless, I found someone else whose body also motivates me. This week was pretty exciting for me because I found a new running trail that I LOVE!! I worked 2 day shifts and one of our officers is on light duty due to pregnancy, so we got to chatting about working out. She recommended a trail by her house and even though the trail is pretty far from my house, it is well worth the drive. It used to be a railroad, but it has been converted to a side-by-side paved and dirt trail which is ideal for my training because it will allow me to ween myself off dirt paths for the marathon that is solely on asphalt and concrete. The first trail map I saw was deceiving because it has these numbers on it from 1-5 that are supposed to be mile markers (that eventually add up to 6 miles one way); however, on my run was 4.52 miles at my turnaround point. Maybe it is right mileage on the trail map, I don't know... but what I DO know is that it took FOREVER! I am used to running on a treadmill where I visually see my pace, time, and distance, but out in the open I do not have that. For training purposes this is a good trail because the race is also like that. I do know that a few time robbers that I have to account for are the stop lights, water break at a near by park and the walking I did for about 15 minutes, but all in all it took me 2 whole hrs to get to my car. Yes, 2 hours!!! That means I ran for like 1:45 which also means my pace was approximately between 11.64-13.33. Since I don't have a Nike+, Garmin or some other running device, I don't know my "true" time. No, I don't have a iPhone with an app either. I plan on getting something to track my pace next time though. When is next time you ask? Next week... 10 miles!
My workout schedule this week:

Mon: I honestly can't recall if I worked out, so by default I a will have to put it as a rest day. It was 4th of July and I know I worked from 1800-2330, but can't recall if I workout before work. Oh well.... If I did, it would've been a 3 miles run.

Tue: Ran 3 miles (29:38) and did weight training. Lunges w/ weights, kettle bell swings, squats w weights, wobble board, arms, dead lifts and calf raises :)

Wed: Ran 4 miles (39:28) AND did an Insanity DVD workout with Crystal.

Thur: Didn't workout! I should've..but I worked a 6a-5p shift AND went to class from 6-9:15 and had to work the next day, so pussed out.

Fri: I was supposed to workout with Cristy but pregnancy 1st trimester illness got to her and so I went home a took a nap and didn't wake up until midnight. So much for working out.

Sat: Ran 9:02 miles :)

Sun:.... and so here I am due for a double workout because the sleepies got to me and because I can't remember if I worked out on Monday. I am about to go on a 3 mile run and then do 30 mins of cross training. On the list is 50 burpees and the rest I will play it by ear.

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