Saturday, July 23, 2011


I know, I know... I thought posting my weekly workouts would force me to keep up with my training, but this past week I have been slacking. I don't know what has gotten into me, but working out seemed more like a choir than an escape. Last week's workout was supposed to end with a 10 mile run that I was thrilled about at one point. I wanted to run the new trail but Sunday came and went. But Sunday wasn't all a waste... My hilarious, cute and active niece and I went to the beach. I need to work on a base tan before Jamaica and of course, spend some time with fam. She is a smart cookie who wants to be a vet or marine biologist when she grows up. We stopped by Pacific Marine Mammal Center were we got to see rescued seals.

At the front entrance there were actual whale bones. I love that my niece is so into these things. Then we were off to Laguna Beach. The water was so beautiful and clear. We splashed in the water and at times got knocked over. One wave hit me so hard it felt like I did a belly dive. My niece got a kick out of my grunt. So my 10 miles was moved into this weeks workout. And did I mention, I was SLACKIN'??? Here is my pathetic workout week...more like a "rest" week.

Mon: Rest
Tue: 5 mile run x 2.
Wed: Rest.
Thur: Still nothing
Fri: Yup... nada
Sat: 5K run with my sisters. Planning a second run after work.
Sun: Planning on doing a 12 mile run.

So.... that means I owe myself (not including the runs I have not done yet) 12 miles (2-3 mile runs and a 6 mile run) I will "pay" myself back these miles tonight and next week.

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