Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Babies and sweating

Since late last year to now, I have had 3 friends and 1 co-worker gave birth to a baby, another co-worker is pregnant and my sister is trying to get pregnant. It's crazy how they are all so close together and all different stories. Of course, everyone keeps asking when I plan on having children and for right now I enjoy the quiet time that Jay and I get to share and sleeping in. It is not our time yet to have a little one. However, they are such a joy to VISIT!

Well, the great news about one of my friends giving birth is that I have my old work out buddy back. We have worked out the last two weeks and it has been the motivation I have been missing! She lives at the top of a very steep hill. Prior to her pregnancy, when coming home from work she used to have her husband drop her off at the bottom of the hill and run home. I told her I not only want to see her be able to do it again, but I want to conquer that hill too! It used to take her 10 mins. Can you imagine running up hill for 10 mins?!?! I am in awe of her accomplishment! We have been running a small portion of the hill three times and doing some regular boot camp/calisthenics exercises afterwards. Soon we will be running that hill as a warm up :)

After our first workout, she asked if I want to come over to meet little baby Bruce. Of course I did! I normally let the moms know right away that I am ready to meet the baby when there are ready for house guest... so I was excited that I got to meet him so soon. He was such a good baby and a joy to hold. His 2 older brothers wanted to play with him, but not so rough we kept having to say. Made me think of my little sister who wants 5 boys! She will have her hands full.

The next day I got to meet Santa's little boy, Carlitos. He is about a month younger then lil Bruce and it's amazing the size difference. He laid there peacefully and I was impressed by how both my friends were balacing 2 toddlers/young kids and a newborn. They seemed so happy and peaceful. The most precious thing about these two newborns is that both are named after very special men who passed away within a few months of them being born. It a special honor to be named after great men... I am sure their births have helped the families' wounds heal a little bit.


cindy said...

I didn't think about how hard it is to run that hill you describe until said, "Can you imagine having to run uphill for 10 minutes?" And then it hit me. OUCH.

I just realized reading this how much time has passed. Very few people have met Allie in person, mostly because I've been having such a hard time adjusting. It's easier with kids after the first one, I hear, not that I'm going to get the opportunity to find out.

That being said, I miss you and we SHOULD figure out how to get a visit in soon before I go back to work! That's in a week, BTW.

Jane Doe said...

The hill is intense! It's on the edge of the Cleveland National Forest, so it's EXTREMELY steep!!

And you crack me up... you should text/call me about meeting up before you go back to work cuz I would get that before reading it here. I think you start work TODAY!! That being said... one of these days soon we should meet up!