Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our BIG DAY... when two became one!

First of all, many thanks to this wonderful lady. Without Santa, this day would have NEVER happened. She is the one that introduced Jay and I and I owe her big time for introducing such a great, handsome, loving and wonderful man into my life.
My sister was my official photographer (and videographer... and maid-of-honor). She wore many hats this day and I am so fortunate to have her in my life!

I put together my own bouquet and the day before got 3 roses from my Dad's garden to include in it. There is a red, yellow and white rose. I remember when I lived with him he used to leave me a freshly made juice and a few roses at my bedroom door. Since he is no longer with us, I wanted to included him some how.

Our wedding was non-traditional. Jay and I drove together. Here we are taking care of all the legal stuff.When I got to the wedding location and was going over the details with the minister, I asked if my Mom could walk me down the aisle. His response "don't you have a dad?" Me: "No, he passed away." Minister: "don't you have a brother?" Me: "My mom WILL be walking me down the aisle!" She was squeezing me so tightly. We laughed about it and she said she was excited. I was so happy that I felt myself tearing up. She was also very happy with the dress I was wearing. You see, we had gone wedding dress shopping together and she hand picked this dress.

The minister asked if we were religious and we didn't know what to say. We think of ourselves as more spiritual and I thought "isn't this something you ask BEFORE the ceremony?" He then saw our looks and said "do you believe in God?" We answered yes and wondered where he was going with this. He then asked if someone in the audience wanted to bless our rings. Naturally, we called up my Mom who is an ordained minister.

I just love this picture! It captures our wedding ceremony... we were having such a good time!

So out of nowhere... the minister asked since we were a small group if people would like to congratulate us. We were like what??? No pressure! He asked if we had a Best Man and if he could say a few words. Jay and I had not planned on having any brides-maids, best men, flower girl, etc until our full blown wedding, but I guess things were about change. One of Jay's best friends was appointed as Best Man and he said some really nice words.

Next the minister asked who my Maid-of-Honor was and without a doubt it was my little sister and best friend Jessica. She to said some special words and the ceremony continued with words about love, marriage and our vows.

And we sealed it with a kiss!!

Tah Dah... the moment has arrived... Mr. & Mrs.

The girls in my family minus my sister in who lives in Colorado. I think the minister was hitting on my Mom though... he said she was a model!

Jay and Archie

My oldest sister, Sharon.

Jessica and I!

My Niece and her boyfriend!

My sister, Jessica and brother-in-law, Rudy

Archie and his wife Rosa

Sharon and the gang

Sister picture!

Mom and I

Santa and in her tummy is little Carlos :) She has less than 7 weeks to go and looks GREAT!

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