Sunday, December 25, 2011

The world does NOT revolve around you

Sometimes people amaze me with there kindness and other times by their self centered actions.

Of course I am venting... I think because I am shocked.

Well let me start from the beginning with GREAT and EXCITING news, Jay and I are getting married. In late November, I got a text from Jay's BF asking about our wedding time frame. I told him that we were planning to get married before the New Year and most likely it would be on Jay's bday. We would have a full blown wedding later on, but wanted to be official. He said that he looked at flights around that time and the price was too expensive and hopefully I would postpone it until later. Was he serious??? I was floored that he would make a request like that and told him that I would text him once we got a date set in stone.

Well Jay is in the police academy and it's not like you can easily request a day off. We learned in early December that Jay's only day off this year would be December 26th. Ironically, it's Jay's bday and we had talked about getting married that day. As Cindy put it, it is "fate!"I sent the bf a text confirming that it would indeed take place on the 26th and he said he won't be able to make it out to Cali for the ceremony but had an idea. He saw on some TV show that hey used Skype to watch the ceremony. All I had to do was 1.) Call around and find someone with a laptop with a camera and 2.) if the wedding place had WiFi. I couldn't find a person with a laptop equipped with a camera locally, but did ask the wedding chapel if they had live feed. They didn't. So I text the bf and his next request is that someone download the app for Skype and hold up their phone. WOW... I was just shocked about how inconsiderate that was. Who would really want to hold up their phone for 30 minutes. That person won't be able to fully enjoy the moment and have to make sure the camera was always facing us. I also thought about how uncomfortable just the act of holding something up for that long. I texted him back stating that I felt uncomfortable asking someone to do that. So you think that would be it, right? Nope, he asked what time the ceremony started because he want to call RIGHT after and informed me that he would be calling my phone. Seriously??? Hello, right after the ceremony we will be taking photos and being greeted by those that attended. I seriously felt like this guy thinks the world revolves around him. Jay told me I should have told me that. I am sure he was kidding about that. I wished he would have said something more along the lines of, "I really wish I could be there and would love to congratulate you two when you have a free moment. Please call me when you can. Maybe on the drive to dinner."

And that is the end of my venting....

I am sure the day will go without a hitch and that this guy isn't thinking. I know he probably just trying to be part of the day.

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