Friday, March 9, 2012

I guess it's what I signed up for

I'm in there. The tunnel and I think I see a light in the not too distant future. Almost 3 years ago I started on this journey to earn my B.S. and I am FINALLY going to get that piece of paper!! This quarter I am taking 22 units of science courses. Yes, 22 units! It has been my hardest quarter yet. Not because of the unit load, but because my teachers have been giving so much work. Seriously, finals are next week and I had 6 quizzes, 2 formal lab reports, and 5 lab write ups due THIS week alone. Next week (yes, that would be during finals week!) I have 3 quizzes due. Who gives quizzes the week of finals week? It has been ridiculous keeping up with all the quizzes (sometimes 2 for 1 class within the same week), homework, papers, lab writes up, presentation, etc. To celebrate the end of this quarter, I am going to visit my sister in Colorado during Spring break. Can't wait!

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