Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jamaica thru pictures

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from our trip to Jamaica back in August. It was Jay's first really vacation. He had been to many countries with the Corps but normally took vacation time to visit family. At first he didn't understand why people would take off from work sometimes weeks at a time. Well, he was about to find out why and the benefits of "all inclusive."Here's us moments after arriving to the hotel. Our room wasn't ready yet, so we were headed to explore the hotel and find food.

On of the options for lunch and dinner :)

Our hotel was breath taking. On the property there were 3 different hotels. What I remember most is around sundown a sound would suddenly start that sounded like a fire alarm. I would hear it through the lobby. I was thankful to not have a room right outside the center lobby. The second night I heard it and then realized that they were frogs in the tree.

The minute we got to the hotel room we changed out into our swimming gear and went kayaking in this beautiful, clear ocean. Naturally, will some drinks in tow.

The pools over-looked the oceans and you could swim up to the bar. Unlimited drinks and tip was already included so we didn't have to carry money with us.

Left view from our room. Imagine living in a house like that?

And these stairs are VERY memorable to Jay and I because we kept getting off the wrong floor to go to the lobby and had to continuously climb the stairs because of our error.

Another view from our room.

Isn't it beautiful???

Our room...

It's raining and it still looks so lovely!

Eventho it's raining we still enjoyed the water

We highly recommend Iberostar! We are thinking of visiting their hotel chain in Spain.

Last day in Jamaica... What a memorable trip and a memorable sunrise

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