Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jamin Wedding

The whole reason why we went to Jamaica was to see Jay's BF get married. The had the rehearsal wedding the day before on the beach. The sun way out, there was a crisp breeze and the waves lightly crashing gave hope for what the next day would hold.

However, Mother Nature had other plans. It pour rain minutes before the ceremony and the wedding ceremony was delayed almost an hour as it was moved inside. It got dark quick, clouds rolled in and you could hear thunder in the distance. Jay was doing his Best man duties, but stopped by for a photo opt. Can you believe another guest had the very same dress as me. I was embarrassed at first. I had another dress in my hotel room that I thought about changing into and then decided not to. But seriously this would only happen to me. But I talked to the girl and we had a little laugh about it.

The wedding was hard to view. The stair case was beautiful, but blocked our view.

The wedding/reception had a baseball theme and at each table we were given a player. This was ours.

Jay walking into the reception with the bridesmaid. The Maid of Honor was taller then him, so he switched out for one that complimented him. HILARIOUS!

Dancing with the groom

Toasting to the new couple

Before the night was each table lite a Chinese lantern and said a prayer for the newly weds.

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