Friday, May 20, 2011


Wow... it's been a year since I posted. I remember times where I would think about posting some random thoughts or cool events in my life and then weeks would go by and I never made time for it. Then, I got busy just living life. Sometimes recording life in writing takes so much energy(for me anyways), but I must say there is a bright side to posting -- it is great way to go back and relive special moments.

A year a go Jay and I were on rocky ground, school was overwhelming, I had started a new job and was going through some very long 10hr days of training with evenings filled with summer school. Since then somethings are the same and others have changed. I am still overwhelmed by school. CA is having some major budget cuts and since the younger generations in general does not vote, politician seem to think cutting back on education is a fix to $ problems. So with that being said classes are being offered less and less. I want to graduate already and not being able to get into classes really sucks!!! So I loaded up this quarter because some classes (which are prereqs for others that I need) will not be offered for another YEAR! I know... INSANELY stupid!!! This quarter I am taking 17 units, plus was taking a California mandatory 120hr class in the evening and some Saturdays for work that thankfully has ended. I am crossing my fingers that I pass my classes. I felt like this quarter I was always playing catch up.

Things between Jay and I are better than ever! The break up was an emotional, draining, frustrating and confusing thing to go through, but it really helped us out. There was all these little things that weren't being communicated that became one HUGE ugly monster and some not so little things that really needed to be addressed. We chipped away at issues and committed to working it out. I am so happy we did! We are a lot more open with each other and I am learning to not take things so seriously. Life is to short and I am going to make it shorter if I stress out so much! Jay has really helped me relax more and laugh at things instead of getting butt hurt and all EMO. I am not saying I am 100% cured of my ways... and a part of that anal retentive personality it who I am. But I have loosened up.

My research work is trickling in, but I think that will end soon. I am still working at the PD, but very part time.

So a quick update:
- Today Jay and I celebrate 2 years of officially becoming homeowners. YAY!
- In about 13-14 weeks, we will be heading off to JAMAICA! So excited!! It will be a mini vacay to celebrate the wedding of Jay's BF.
- I did the math and *if* I take 17 unites for Fall, Winter and Spring qtr... I will be graduating next Spring :)
-I signed up for a full marathon. Haven't told the world yet. Only Jay and my oldest sis know (and now anyone who reads this blog will know too)
- Career goal changed... no longer plan to go to vet school, but will still work with animals. Planning on becoming a RVT (animal nurse). That deserves a post. Since I am working a 12 hour grave shift tonight, I might post about that decision later.
- And finally... it's crazy but 5 years of my daddy passing is coming up. How time flies! Now I understand when people say "it feels like it was just yesterday..." I can relive that time period in my mind with such detail. Strange how the mind works. I am thinking of getting a tattoo of a hummingbird towards the end of this year in remembrance of him. I've been wanting to get it for sometime, but just haven't gotten around to it.

.... and that folks is what we call a wrap!

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