Saturday, September 27, 2008

Monkey Around

You are now reading the blog of an official zoo volunteer! I just got back from orientation and will start volunteering 4 hours per week. Yippee! I wanted to start off slow and see how it goes so I don't get burnt out or over commit. Some people were signing up for 24 hours per week and I thought they were insane or didn't have a full time job and go to school. I can't wait until I don't work full time and can volunteer on Thursdays because that's vet day and I would be able to work along side the vet. That is too cool and the exposure I need. I was so happy to have the opportunity come up. Now I need to go shopping! Well I don't "need" to but want some pants and boots that i don't mind getting dirty. I am extremely excited *cheesy smile* and it seems that the zoo personnel are awesome and very passionate about what they do. It's exactly what I need to be around!

And yesterday I got a great tutoring session on chemistry. I was a little nervous since my search for a tutor came up with a bad experience. My first tutor had a big head about the knowledge he had to share and I was like a little peon that should be in awe of him. First thing I noticed when I walked into his house was that he had a cat. Good thing I am an animal lover, but I thought it was weird that he would not have mentioned it. There are so many people that don't like kitties and many more that have allergies to them. That should've been a sign of the unprofessional ism that was awaiting me. The tutor kept wanting to cover things that I didn't or need covered, then told me that if I have someone in front of me that has 30 years of experience I should take advantage of it. I told him that I was trying but he was helping me in areas I didn't need help in. Plus he was a smoker and my eyes were getting itching. I asked him if he smoked in the room and he said he had the Ozone 3 on, which I took to be a yes answer. I explained to him that it made the studying environment uncomfortable and he started up his criticism of me. He said that I was too much of an independent student. WTC? Then he said that if I wanted to ace my test, I need to see him again and could only do so by purchasing a 10-pack worth $420. When I told him I wasn't interested, he insulted me and questioned my finances and if I could hit up my parents. Obviously this guy was not a "patient tutor" as he said on his business card and someone I wouldn't want to see again! Friday was a totally different experience. This new tutor was VERY patient, nice, wanted to cover things that I wanted to explained on, printed guides out for me and helped me see chemistry in a lighter light. I saw one of the errors that I was making and now am feeling more confident. I purchased 11 more sessions with him, which will work out perfectly with the school semester.

Life is filled with blessing and I am so grateful for all of them this week especially! "


Anonymous said...

What a chemistry jerk!! I'm glad you didn't go back. Smoking while tutoring--NOT COOL!

Good luck in your class.

The Vet volunteer sounds fun. I bet you have funny animal stories before it's over with.

Vanessa said...

I was pissed about the tutor even though he did teach me two mistakes I was making. My new tutor is GREAT! I am in good hands with him.

It will be funny working with some of the animals. I already hear about their personalities and corks.