Friday, February 15, 2013

It's the thought that counts?

I have had two people in my life that gave me a card in the last year with a promise to do an event/activity with me.  One was a graduation gift and another was a bday gift.  What is the protocol to cash it in? It's somewhat awkward to say "hey, you know that gift you promised me?"
Jay was like "what type of shit is that?... "I want to be able to do that." It made me feel like
1.) They didn't have money to buy a gift, so why bring it up now in case that is the real reason
2.) They didn't take the time to get a gift so this was a last stitch effort 

Isn't this why gift cards/certificate were invented?  I mean I am super excited to get my massage/Spa day and trip to Catalina Island, but I guess I am SOL right?

Is there a protocol for asking for the gift or is that tacky?  Shouldn't the other person just bring it up??? HELP!


cindy said...

Did the card say a specific event/activity, or was it just anything you want to do, they'll do it with you?

Jane Doe said...

Both cards specifically said the activity... one was a spa day and the other a day trip to Catalina.

cindy said...

How about a casual email? "Hi, I was looking over possible things to do now that the weather's getting nicer, and remembered that we have a pending Catalina date! Are you still up for that?"
"Hi, I was about to book myself a massage, and remembered that we have a pending spa day date. Would you like to join me for my spa day?"