Saturday, April 21, 2012

Never ending battle

It's the story of my life, gain weight and then lose it. I've been noticing my eating habits and I noticed two things.
#1 There are times when I eat healthy food but go WAY over my caloric range. Just because it's healthy, doesn't mean I can eat all I want.
#2 I eat WAY too much and am an emotional eater. I eat when I'm happy, sad, bored, pissed, etc, etc.. You get my point. I can do some damage quickly.

In the last month or two I hit this weird period where I was eating like crazy. And then I would be at work where temptation is around the corner...LITERALLY!
My boss's "store" where during a graveyard shift can scream my name.

And he sells these danish pastries. I like the middle of the berry ones.

Finally my cream! It can be tough just being at work especially if my will isn't strong.

So finally I got a hold of myself. I was tired of my pants feeling tight, feeling guilty, my stomach shaking when I walk or the fact that I would sometimes hide my food/snacks. Really Vanessa, really??? I have the fat girl inside me that was starting to show herself, so decided to be proactive. I went through my folders and found a meal plan that speeds up your metabolism. I thought I would do that for 3 weeks to get me started.

But with that being said the day before my 3 week meal plan was supposed to start I had a moment of weakness... 2 helpings of ice cream and yogurt. and then silly me took a picture of it and Jay saw it. I was showing him a picture of some cool Costa Rican frogs from class and this was the picture next to it. He was like "WAIT what is THAT??? Go back!"

*head down in shame and cheeks bright RED!*

But I'm a 1 1/2 weeks into the meal plans... half way point and seeing results. Let the lbs shedding continue.


cindy said...

I would be SCREWED if I worked next to that junk food.

How's the weight loss going? The menu looks like a lot of negative calorie stuff, and a lot of low-cal, low-fat stuff. Healthy, tho. Were you hungry eating that meal plan?

Jane Doe said...

Weight loss is going well... I lost like 8 lbs on the eating plan and while on vacation can you believe I lost 5-6lbs? Now I'm doing a weight loss competition w/ friends so soon I will be at the same weight as when I first met Jay... YAY!
I wasn't hungry on the meal plan, in fact it was hard eating all that food.